The State of Texas versus Anand Jon Alexander.

Houston: Upon his demand for trial in Houston, that prosecutor instantly dropped their entire case (December 13, 2013).


When Los Angeles Court Judge Elden Fox (Beverly Hills Court) cautioned of the danger of “copycat allegations”resulting from prosecutorial publicity campaigns & propaganda, he found that Anand Jon “had no history of violence... not a threat to society “ and he was not a “flight risk” (April 4 how the BHPD manipulated the Texas police to blindly file charges against Anand Jon and in turn, used the new Dallas charges to have his bail revoked in California. Anand Jon was subsequently arrested in Los Angeles as a “fugitive from justice” (June 12th, 2007) out of Texas.

Ironically, after rushing to indict Anand Jon in 2007, the Dallas prosecutor dragged his feet on the case for 11 years until the courts granted Anand Jon a motion for immediate trial. The Dallas prosecutors put on record that they did not want to go to trial and put in writing that they would dismiss the case because of their witness's credibility issues. Meanwhile, Anand Jon used Texas subpoenas to secure mountains of previously withheld and newly discovered evidence. The Texas subpoenas eventually lead to hearings in the Los Angeles because the BHPD were caught red-handed withholding voluminous exculpatory materials. They were also ordered to explain why previously acknowledged and favorable items had gone missing from their possession. Upon a motion to compel, which would force the BHPD to be dragged under oath in Texas, the Dallas prosecution’s knee-jerk reaction was to dismiss their entire case (May 25, 2018) against Anand Jon.

Federal court gets the case

As of April 2019, Anand Jon Alexander has successful moved his case to the Federal District Court in California, making good progress based on numerous grounds for relief.