Freedom for anand jon alexander, based on recent favorable changes and evidence of factual innocence.

As of May 2018, the last of the pending out of state cases against iconic fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander (“Anand Jon”) were dismissed. Twelve years since his American dream was hacked and hijacked, freedom for Anand Jon, is finally on the horizon. The overlapping out of state proceedings and investigations recently revealed substantial amounts of newly discovered and/or previously withheld evidence of factual innocence, which retroactively, compels relief in Anand Jon’s already dubious California \conviction.\ It is clear from the newly obtained evidence the Los Angeles jury never saw, Anand Jon Alexander was not only factually innocent, but he was in fact framed.

Presently, a Writ of Habeas Corpus with compelling grounds for relief is pending before the Federal District Court in California. The Court recently granted Anand Jon’s request that all newly discovered and/or previously withheld evidence be accepted for filing.

Simultaneously, Anand Jon along with an international delegation of supporters, is seeking his release by urging Governor Gavin Newsom to commute this wrongful conviction and unjust 59 years to life sentence. Similarly, several influential individuals, notable entities, activists, and organizations, including the REFORM- -NATION movement, are supporting “Freedom to Anand Jon Alexander” as part of the fast-growing campaign against wrongful convictions, to end mass incarceration, and to enhance prison reform.