An award winning rising star in the fast paced high fashion world (, Anand Jon combined his exotic Indian culture with New York edginess that made him extremely successful. “if you were a wannabe, he was the perfect coat tail to ride on” says Sharon Waxman founder of Thewrap.Com in her New York Times article. The notoriety subsequently made him a target for unscrupulous persons. Following a slew of salacious allegations in 2007, Anand Jon was secretly indicted for an astonishing 59 counts in Los Angeles, CA, another 49 counts in New York, NY, three counts in Dallas, TX, and one count in Houston, TX. However, afyer6tje damage was done at the Los Angeles trial to get a high profile wrongful conviction the, truth began to surface and the entire illusion multi-jurisdiction prosecution crumbled, one case after the other.

The Los Angeles case was the opposite of “overwhelming evidence of guilt.” On the eve of the jury trial, the prosecution dismissed nearly three dozen counts (and the majority of the complainants) against Anand Jon. The jury was hopelessly deadlocked for almost two weeks on the remaining counts; eventually (after numerous anomalies and continuances) they returned a mixed verdict ( not guilty, guilty, and a handful of \hung\) that included one count of rape solely based on testimony of an adult woman (the only complainant to make a police report within a day or get medical assistance) whose medical report/rape kit was NEGATIVE and stated “No Assault Related Findings.”

Over the next several years, Anand Jon diligently pursued his defense in the overlapping charges in the other jurisdictions. First, he went to trial in New York where the prosecutor independently dropped 39 counts prior to trial. Furthermore, during jury selection, the prosecutor offered otherwise unavailable, but critical, favorable materials towards Anand Jon’s pending writ of habeas in California state court in exchange for his “time served” plea deal involving any one single count of Anand Jon's choice. Upon his demand for trial in Houston (December 13, 2013), and then again in Dallas (May 25, 2018), the prosecutors dropped all charges.

  • no history of physical violence
  • no evidence of violence
  • not even a scratch upon any alleged complainant
  • no history of drug possession or use

As of May 2018, the last of the pending out of state cases against iconic fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander (“Anand Jon”) were dismissed. Twelve years since his American dream was hacked and hijacked, freedom for Anand Jon, is finally on the horizon. The overlapping out of state proceedings and investigations recently revealed substantial amounts of newly discovered and/or previously withheld evidence of factual innocence, which retroactively, compels relief in Anand Jon’s already dubious California \conviction.\ It is clear from the newly obtained evidence the Los Angeles jury never saw, Anand Jon Alexander was not only factually innocent, but he was in fact framed.

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